Security blowout-stop

Our tire tensioning system has been keeping its promise for many years: NEVER FLICK !!!Or do you still feel that you sometimes feel like we are living in an age where the bike has not yet been invented? This is certainly the case if you are allowed to push your bike 5 km back home because of a tire.

  • NEVER REPAIRED a bicycle-tire
  • There is no longer a breakdown in push and baggage carts
  • Immediate repair in case of breakdown




Security blowout-stop

Take advantage of the many advantages of Security blowout-stops. Tighten tire tensions quickly and easily on the spot. Use security prophylactically to avoid a breakdown! No more breakdowns on bike tours, work routes, school trips, holidays, etc ... Children's use! Unlimited durability! Fits in any travel bag! Also suitable for baby carriages with pneumatic tires! You save a lot of money, since no repair tools are needed (patches, glue, etc.)

Security the liquid spare wheel

Security should be available in every vehicle at least as a repair kit. If a breakdown happens, this should be at least quickly and professionally corrected according to our technical conception of the 21st century. "The liquid spare tire" from the bottle, for all cars, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, caravans, etc. No tire change necessary. Simply Securtiy "Fill the fluid spare wheel" into the tire through the valve opening. Security "The liquid spare tire" is frost-proof, heat-resistant and durable for at least 10 years.