Wicopur cleaning series

Our Wicopur cleaning series consists of basic products, which are needed in any household. It also contains special products for stubborn dirt. The whole series is designed to provide the highest possible cleaning power with the most natural ingredients.

The products are toxic and acid free and easily biodegradable.




Wicopur Special- Cleaner

The Wicopur Special Cleaner is the ideal helper in almost every area of everyday life.
Wicopur® Special Cleaner is the multipurpose cleaner for large companies such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals and service companies. Wicopur special cleaner cleans, polishes and preserves in one working operation! Wicopur special cleaner is free of toxic and acid. Biodegradable and completely safe for children! Solves even stubborn dirt.

Wicopur anti-frog

Wicopur anti-fog provides perfect protection against the tarnishing of glass surfaces and most other smooth surfaces. It acts antistatically so dirt and dust repellent. Wicopur Antifogging changes the surface of glass or plastic discs. Moisture droplets, which lead to the fogging of windows, are flattened by the coating. This uniform flattening of moisture drops can be seen through the disc unhindered.

Wicopur leathercare

The carefully coordinated active ingredients give an excellent smooth leather. The leather is protected from dirt and moisture again, it remains soft and supple, does not dry out and engages completely in the leather. Snow or water edges are pre-bent, whereby the colors are refreshed at the same time. Wicopur - leather care is non-toxic and acid-free, solvent-free and suitable for all colors. It is skin-friendly and indefinitely durable.

Wicopur orange cleaner

Add Wicopur orange cleaner to the plaster water, min 1/2 cap on a 10l bucket of water. Dilute to stains and wash with water. Thinning as required. Wicopur Orange Cleaner is pure organic, water soluble and biodegradable.

Wicopur leather soap

Wicopur leather soap removes stains and dirt from all types of leather. Makes rough and suede look like new again. Also suitable for saddles, car seats and leather jackets.

Wicopur textile cleaner

Wicopur - textile cleaner removes most stains like oil, grease, red wine, cola, coffee, fruit stains, pens, ketchup, tar, nicotine, jam, nail polish, grass, shoe cream, blood, milk, hair dyes, faeces etc .. A gall soap product with very high quality. Using raw materials from controlled origin. The soap base contains various vegetable oils.

Wicopur water deflectors

Refines rain, snow and mud - visibility in wet weather. From 60 km / h, the water automatically drains from the disc. Prevents the extreme adherence of frost, insects, tar and dirt. Is completely invisible, does not reflect, it does not break, does not scroll and does not change in color. For all smooth surfaces of glass, ceramics and marble.

Wicopur furniture polish

Wicopur furniture polish cleans, nurtures and protects:

Lacquered, natural wood

Lacquer and artificial leather surfaces

Natural and artificial stones