Our History

1993 Establishment of the company as a sole proprietorship in Otterndorf on the North Sea. One operates import and export with fair novelties. Direct sales to the end user at fairs and markets. The Otterndorf location serves as warehouse and distribution center.

1994 Beginning with the development of Wicopur Special Cleaner.

1995 Production start with Wicopur special cleaner. First sale to the middleman.

1996 In order to meet the increased demand, an increase in production and the acquisition of larger machines are inevitable.

1996 Start of export to North America with the product Wicopur Special Cleaner.

1997 The product range is expanded by the development of Wicopur Textile Cleaner and Wicopur Leather Care. The production of the new products starts in the same year.

1998 Since the production expansion requires a larger production hall, the company relocates to Cuxhaven, 12 km away.

1998 Export to Scandinavia with the entire Wicopur cleaning range.

1999 Wicopur Spezial-Reiniger (under private label) is being sold for the first time via the shopping channel QVC.

2001 Relocation of the company to Hildesheim (Banteln). The Cuxhaven warehouse will remain as a sales location for smaller purchase quantities.

2001 Development and production of the product SECURITY Puncture Stop.

2001 Wicopur Special Cleaner and Security Puncture Stop are sold via the shopping channel RTL-Shop.

2002 Further development of the product Security Puncture Stop and Export in various countries of Europe and North America.

2002 Development and production of other cleaning agents.

2003 Production capacity expansion.

2003 Development and production of Aroma-Lite and Wicosan.

2004 Staff Increase

2004 Completion of our new website

2005 Advanced Canned Filling Automation Installed.

2005 Move to new production hall with over 1000m² of floor space.

2006 Automatic labeling system for cans and bottles installed.

2007 Acquisition of own production and warehouses. Moving to Lamspringe, 10 km away, on the edge of the Harz.

2008 Automatic system for screwing cans installed.

2008 Start selling our plastic cans and lids from our own molds. This under our brand name Plastiplast.

2009 Automatic filling line for liquids installed.

2009 Extensive renovation work on and in our production buildings.

2009 Increase of our core team

2010 Development of new office space

2011 Construction of our own special filling machines for high-viscosity products.

2012 Acquisition of the chemical-technical products of Gebauer GmbH. Including Velox special polish and superform insect repellent.

2013 Twenty-year anniversary of Wilke Consulting. Renamed Wilke Group. This name should do justice to our activity and unite the 3 divisions. Wicopur detergent production, Plastiplast - distribution of plastic packaging and Velox special polishes.

2013 Release of our new website.

2014 Increase our core team.

2016 Move to the new premises in Harriehausen near Bad Gandersheim.

2017 Increase our core team.

2017 New production lines with higher capacity for new products.

2017 Expansion of the vehicle fleet.

2014 Completion of our new website in the plastic can sector

2018 25th Anniversary

2018 Publishing our new online shop.

2018 Extension of the production area, new production line

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