Our Team

Matthias Wilke / Owner

Email: post(at)wilkegroup.de

Born: 1975

Favorite Film: Back to the future

Favorite Book: Bibel

Favorite Music: Goa, Ska, Scout Niblett

Hobbys and Interests: Lego Star Wars, Computer, Electronics

Character: patient and lovable person :-)
Nadine Wilke / Correspondence

Email: n.wilke(at)wilkegroup.de

Born: 1980

Favorite Film: L.A. Confidential, Banditen

Favorite Book: Trilogie von Stieg Larsson

Favorite Music: Depeche Mode, Coldplay, Nelly Furtado

Hobbys and Interests: playing piano, running

Character: Determined, committed, reliable, humorous, really nice :-)
Barbara Leinemann / Assistant to the management

Email: office(at)wilkegroup.de

Born: 1958

Favorite Film: 1984, Die Brücke, Die Maske

Favorite Book: Die Stadt der träumenden Bücher, Die Reden des Papalagi

Favorite Music: all songs with good lyrics

Hobbys and Interests: reading books, meeting friends

Character: I like to listen, nice, patient
Svenja Philipps / Marketing & Design

Email: s.philipps(at)wilkegroup.de

Born: 1983

Favorite Film: Films with Anthony Hopkins, Reese Witherspoon

Favorite Book: "Blackout" und "Zero" from Marc Elsberg,

"Lieblingsmomente" and "Lieblinsgefühle" from Adriana Popescu

Favorite Music: Rea Garvey, Sunrise Avenue, 80ies

Hobbys and Interests: travelling, reading books, Employ children and dog

Character: reliable, punctual, curious, spontaneous
Christian Schullerer / Processing

Email: ch.schullerer(at)wilkegroup.de

Born: 1974

Favorite Film: Der Teufel trägt Prada, Der Club der toten Dichter, Avatar

Favorite Book: Der Medicus, Mieses Karma

Favorite Music: Classic, Techno, House, Moby, Xavier Naidoo

Hobbys and Interests: Cycling, overtime, chemistry

Character: ordered chaot
Nico Dupke / Industrial mechanic

Email: nico.dupke(at)wilkegroup.de

Born: 1974

Favorite Film: STAR TREK

Favorite Book: Jeremia

Favorite Music: Ibrahim Ferrer

Hobbys and Interests: Model Railway

Simon Loges / Production Manager

Email: s.loges(at)wilkegroup.de

Born: 1981

Favorite Film: 300, Braveheart

Favorite Book: -

Favorite Music: Rock

Hobbys and Interests: Boxing, weight training

Character: nice guy
Stefan Vache / Production

Email: -

Born: 1966

Favorite Film: Films with Bruce Willis

Favorite Book: Western

Favorite Music: hear almost everything, radio ffn :-)

Hobbys and Interests: Football, shooting

Character: I'm calm
Martin Petri / Production

Email: -

Born: 1962

Favorite Film: Der Schuh des Manitu - Extra Large

Favorite Book: Die Revolution entlässt Ihre Kinder

Favorite Music: Techno

Hobbys and Interests: my "Geier"(parrot)

Character: hardly okay
Norman Löffelbein / Production

Email: -

Born: 1992

Favorite Film: Pitsch Perfect, Sister Act

Favorite Book: Die Säulen der Erde

Favorite Music: almost everything

Hobbys and Interests: Riding, technology

Character: I am small but Ohoo!
Jenny Gabriel / Production

Email: -

Born: 1989

Favorite Film: Es - Helge Schneider, Friedhof der Kuscheltiere,

Es war einmal in Amerika

Favorite Book: Dunkler Wahn (Wulf Dorn), Zerfleischt (Tim Curran)

Favorite Music: Metal, Rock, 80ies

Hobbys and Interests: Concerts, parties with friends, reading, music, darts.

Character: direct, straightforward, authentic, helpful
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